HanDBase 4.6.1 was _finally_ approved!

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HanDBase 4.6.1 was _finally_ approved!

Postby dhaupert » Mon May 24, 2010 1:41 pm

Hi all,

I'm very sorry for the delays on getting this update into your hands. Just days after the first iPad HanDBase was released I submitted a version to Apple fixing a bunch of bugs that were plaguing many users. Unfortunately it took nearly 3 weeks to get the update approved by Apple and out to you. Since that time I have duplicated one or two more bugs but decided to wait for this one to approve before resubmitted with another version (since uploading another update moves you to the back of the line). The process is frustrating as a developer, and I'm sure just as frustrating as a user waiting for these important bug fixes!

My plan this week is to wait and see if any new issues arrived with this update, fix them if applicable and resubmit another update to Apple ASAP addressing the ones I know of and any new issues. I will as usual keep you informed of what's been found and fixed!

Thanks again for your support and patience.
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