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PSA: don't mess with desktop sync!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:33 am
by ArGiEs
Last night, while performing a desktop sync with my iPod touch, for some reason I tapped the "Done" button at the top of the handheld's screen before the synchronization was actually finished (don't ask why - I'll just use the the excuse that I wasn't paying attention). This caused a sync error message on the desktop screen. Realizing what had happened (I thought), I synced again & went on my way. This morning, however, when I opened my customer DB & tried to view a record, what I got was a page titled "New Form" with "OK" and "Cancel" buttons at the top & a big, blank space everywhere else. No other database did this, mind you, just the ultra-critical one. When I tapped OK or Cancel, it just went back to list view. Resets didn't work. I went back to my desktop; both handheld and desktop backups from last night seemed to be currupted. Went to handheld backup from the day before (the 19th) & that worked, leaving me with only having to re-update records from the 19th on (phew!).

I've seen warnings on other device desktop sync operations to not unplug the device until syncing is done lest data loss or curruption should occur. There you go, folks - it really can happen ;)

Updtate: it seems that the backups from the 20th actually do work. I was restoring via Dropbox and I don't think I was doing everything correctly; retried & it worked. All records are up-to-date now! :D