Need guidance in using Link, Linked, Relationship & DBPopup

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Need guidance in using Link, Linked, Relationship & DBPopup

Postby m2mbob » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:16 pm

Below I describe a problem that I am trying to solve. In the hope of communicating the problem clearly, I am breaking my description down into sections:


I have nine chemical feedpoints for which I want to track inventory, deliveries and usage. I use my iPhone to gather and update this information in the field.

I have set up a table of inventory dates, and a separate table for each feedpoint. I’ve chosen to build a separate table for each feedpoint because I might not update the data for all feedpoints as a single record – I might check the inventory at Feedpoint A on 3/17/13, but not at Feedpoint B.

Periodically I review my collected data, and sometimes assimilate this information into a single table elsewhere. So, for a certain date I might have have new data for all feedpoints except Feedpoint D.

In the Dates table I have a date field, a record for each inventory date, and for each feedpoint I created a Link field (for Feedpoint A I’ll call it “DateLink A”, etc.), and a corresponding Linked field (“dDate”) in each Feedpoint table. So each Feedpoint table has a separate Link field in the Dates table.

In each Feedpoint table I have fields for
“dDate” (Linked)
“Time” (Time)
“Initial Inventory” (Float)
“Used” (Calculated)
“Interval” (Calculated)
“GPD” (Calculated, gallons per day)
and a set of fields for incorporating deliveries.

In the Dates table I have built a tabbed form with the date at the top, and a tab for each feedpoint, so that in the record for any particular date I should be able to see each feedpoint’s data, if any, for that date. Each tab shows the Link field (e.g., “DateLink A”) as a visible control.
In each Feedpoint table I am using the Linked field (“dDate”) as the date-picker.


I want to be able to view all available data for a particular date from the Dates table, rather than opening each single-feedpoint table.
I just can’t figure out how to achieve this.


In the Dates table, I can touch the “DateLink A” button and view Feedpoint A’s data for that date – but whenever I do this, the data for that date in the Feedpoint A (particularly, “GPD”) is changed. I can leave the Dates table, open the Feedpoint A table, and open and close the record for that date to restore the calculation – but it just happens again when I go back to the Dates table and try to view the data again.

I have created Relationship fields in the Dates table for each Feedpoint field that I want to see, but these aren’t displaying the expected data at all (which suggests that I am not defining them correctly). I have tried every variant I can think of in these fields.

I have tried using a DB Popup field (instead of Link – Linked) as the date picker in the Feedpoints tables, but this hasn’t helped. Again, I have tried every variant I can think of in defining these fields.

THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE USER’S GUIDE FOR LINK, LINKED, RELATIONSHIP, AND DB POPUP FIELDS ARE VERY POORLY WRITTEN. I am a long-time user of Microsoft Access and of (dare I say it?) SmartList / ThinkDB for Palm, and I should be able to use HanDBase – with adequate guidance.

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