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Re: Problem with dates

Postby mjhanna » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:01 pm

If I understand you correctly, you appear to desire to have a date from a related record in a source database A be able to displayed in a retrieving database B, and also to be able to sort on that date in database B?

I am a new user of HanDBase but I "think" that this could be done as follows. It requires a pair of fields in both databases.

First, in the source database A define a Calculated field which performs a "do nothing" mathematical calculation on the Date field value with the Output as Integer, e.g. (DateField + 0). Usually you would keep this Calculated field hidden. In the retrieving database B define a Relationship field which retrieves this hidden calculated Integer field value, not the actual date field. Usually you also would keep this Relationship field hidden. Finally in the retrieving database B define a Calculated field which performs a "do nothing" mathematical calculation on the hidden retrieved Relationship field Integer value, but specify its Output as the appropriate Date format. Now define your sort on this Calculated field which displays the Date.

Note that since you are using calculations based on Relationship fields, you will want to be sure to have the option "Recalculate on Relationship Lookup" turned on. I "believe" this option currently is only available on the iOS and Android versions, and not the Desktop. (For my recent post about this option, see here.)

Hope this gives you ideas,
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