Am I Okay with a New Name for my iPhone?

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Am I Okay with a New Name for my iPhone?

Postby MidCoast Jim » Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:26 am

We had a 4 day power outage last week. When the electric came back on our Netgear wifi netgear was not "finadable" by all our device but could not link out to the internet. I spent extended time on the phone with Netgear and, as I understand it< completely uninstalled the router (and router "extension") and then RE-installed them. The router and extension are named the same as they were and we changed the passwords so they are the same as they were. But, I when I do something like sync HDB I see that the "http://" address" which was always pretty much the same, has changed completely.

My phone used to be called "EC3iPhone5C" — it's now "iPhone". I'm attaching a screen capture showing what happens if I try to sync the phone using the old name. I'm okay with the "name change" and will just go with the flow unless I'm told something horrible will happen down the road.

Accessing the directory/file structure on my laptop I can see that the OLD "\HanDBase\EC3IPhone5C" directory is no longer being accessed during HDB syncs. The new directory "\HanDBase\iPhone\Backup" has only four Desktop and five "handheld" backed up .pdb's in it as I've only sync'ed four times since the "name change."

1) Will I be okay just going forward with the new name for the iPhone?
2) When, if ever, will I be safe in deleting/removing the old name ....and attendant folders/files on the computer?

Sync_Error_ScreenCap_20141111_0812.JPG (36.68 KiB) Viewed 2014 times
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Re: Am I Okay with a New Name for my iPhone?

Postby curtterp » Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:56 pm

There is no problem using the new name of the phone. The sync looks to be working just fine.

You can delete the old files, but there is no problem with keeping it around either just in case you need to access one of those older backups. At least keep them around for a little while.
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