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Hiding Tab

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:31 pm
by Treanot
Is it possible to Hide the Tab button while using a form. It seems you can change the text color but the box is still visible on the form. On my windows computer viewing it on an ios device when the "visibility no" is selected you can not access the tab (thus its not invisible but not there). When I use a "conditional view" I can place a check box behind a graphic, and it seems invisible even though it is behind the graphic. It also seems you can not do that trick with a tab because it puts it in front of the graphic. Any suggestions on having a no seen tab on a form? thanks

Re: Hiding Tab

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:59 am
by dhaupert
Hi there,

The conditional option should work fine for a tab. One thing that may be throwing you off- the tab is not always on top of the graphic, it has to do with the tab/creation order on the form. That is, when the program builds up the form, it does so in the order the elements were created. So if you added a tab after a graphic, it would be drawn after the graphic and thus on top of it. But you can control this order manually- in the tools button there is an option for the Tab Order. There you can drag around items in the order. So the things at the bottom will be drawn after the ones at the top so you can manually control this order.

Hopefully with that info you can accomplish your goal- let me know if you have any further questions!