Syncing after migrating desktop

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Syncing after migrating desktop

Postby MDE » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:33 am

I'm probably being a bit thick, but it seems like syncing isn't working properly after I moved the desktop onto a new computer. All the desktop stuff migrated fine.
I had to set up each of the iDevices (I have 3 - iPad, iPhone & iPod) anew. Now they each sync, but the databases are now separate and do not sync across devices. I guess it must be something to do with database sharing, but am a bit nervous about tampering with it in case it goes wrong. In particular, I'm not sure which device is most up to date - in fact some cross-updates may be necessary (i.e. one device may have a more up to date record in one database, but a less up to date record in another database).
Hope that's clear!
Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Syncing after migrating desktop

Postby Brian_Houghton » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:54 am


Thanks for posting.

Indeed, without shared syncing configured, each iDevice will sync to its own unique set of databases on the desktop. This is most likely what you are experiencing.

My suggestions are as follows:

Start by deciding which of your three devices will be the primary device. It technically makes no difference to HanDBase, but I would consider which device you use most. For example, I use my phone more than my tablet, so data is always most current on the phone versus what is on the tablet. Once you have decided which device is going to be the primary device, make sure it has the most up to date databases. You can manually add the records to your database or install databases from one of the other devices. To do this, you can transfer the file via email or install it via HanDBase Desktop.

Proceed by syncing this device with HanDBase Desktop to ensure the most up to date databases are on the desktop as well.

Once you have the primary device identified and set up, you can proceed by setting up shared syncing for the other two devices.

To do this, on your computer, follow the steps below for each device:

- Within HanDBase Desktop select the menu option Configure / iPhone Users.
- When the sync dialog appears, click the first of the non-primary devices.
- Click the Edit Sync Settings button.
- When the next dialog opens, look to the lower left corner, where you will see an option to add shared databases.
- Click the button to add a shared database and browse to /Documents/HanDBase/
- Open the folder named after the primary device.
- Select the first database.
- Repeat for other databases you want to share.

- Sync the device with HanDBase on the computer. This will cause the databases on the device to begin syncing with the databases associated with the primary user.

- Repeat these steps for the second device.

It is now important to note that when you use HanDBase Desktop, you will want to use the databases associated with the primary user only.

Hope this helps!
Kind Regards,
Brian Houghton, DDH Software
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