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Calculation Limitations

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:31 pm
by theyouthpastor
Im a new user. So forgive me for asking something that may be a simple question.

Im creating a means by which students in my youth group can have an account where when they sign up for events (via a checkbox) the account balance is updated with the cost for the event.

So if a student signs up for Camp (checkbox) then the account balance is $250 (price of camp)

Then we have about 8 events throughout the year. Can one calculation handle those 8 events?

I seem to have it figured out for one or two events (((Camp*225)+(Missions Trip*500)+(Lock-in*50)))

But when i go beyond that it tells me Error all available operators are used up.


Re: Calculation Limitations

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:59 pm
by Brian_Houghton

You can use up to six per calculation. What you'll want to do first is break your calculation into a couple of smaller ones, each using a different calculated field. Then use the results of those in a final calculated field.

Hope this helps!

Re: Calculation Limitations

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:14 pm
by Veritas
Do you have ETA on adding more operands in the calculation field?

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Re: Calculation Limitations

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:14 am
by Brian_Houghton
Hi Veritas,

Thanks for writing. No changes to the operand limit are planned at this time. We'll consider it for the future, though.