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Screen Issue with iPhone 6S Plus

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:35 am
by b2b
I'm not sure if this is just on the 6S Plus or all of the 6 models but...

Sometimes, when I'm entering a new record using a custom form with the typing keyboard open I get a blank (blacked out) screen where my form should be. If I've entered
some data since I can't see any of the form fields, I usually just click on the OK button so not to lose any of the data I've already entered. This of course closes the form
and then I can reopen it and continue entering the rest of the data.

Its been hard to get duplicate, but it happens quite often. Until I can get it narrowed down more I'll just have to let it go until I can give you guys more information. I wanted
to post this to see if it's just me or if anyone else is having a similar problem.

By the way the database and the form I'm using is the same one I used on my iPhone 5S for over two years without a hitch. So I'm pretty sure it's not
the form or the datafile.


After I posted this I noticed the post referring to screen size on the 6S and 6SPlus further down in the posts. My opinion is I too like the layout just the way it is. I like the
font, the buttons, and everything else about it with the bigger screen. If you have big fingers it makes it much easier to type, and hit the proper buttons. Also the type is
easier to read. Especially when you get older and your eyes aren't what they used to be.


Re: Screen Issue with iPhone 6S Plus

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:49 pm
by Brian_Houghton
Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting.

We're looking into this issue. Assuming we can duplicate and find the fix, we'll get it taken care of in the next update.

Re: Screen Issue with iPhone 6S Plus

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:11 am
by b2b
Thanks Brian,

I finally realized what was causing it. When I turn the phone sideways it causes it to blank out (all black). But only if I'm editing a field, i.e., keyboard is showing.
With the keyboard being open and I flip the phone horizontal the entire form disappears. The bottom title bar, with trash can, tool icon, and the hide keyboard down arrow etc. will be showing at
the top and the rest is all blank (black). You can get the blank screen to disappear and get the proper form back by pressing the (hide keyboard, arrow).

If just looking at the form it doesn't do it. So it appears to be related to the keyboard. It does it with any of my custom forms.

Maybe I'm over thinking this. i.e., it appears to be related to the form size. Also, I realized it's not just the iPhone 6 or 6Plus, it also happens on my last phone which is an iPhone 5S.

In any case I Hope this helps, if you can't get it to do it let me know how and I'll send a file and custom form to you.