Link / linked ?

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Link / linked ?

Postby glenwf » Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:20 pm

I was looking for a Link/linked simple example to examine so I can figure it out.

I found "Visit"
July 19, 1999
Description: Demonstration DB to get familiar with the link / linkED field types. The linking DB is VISITS.PDB which links to from.pdb and at.pdb. Just look at the properities of the PDBs and modify according to own needs.

But I can't get that installed on my iPod Touch. It doesn't recoginize it as a database.
Tried to emial it to myself - didn't recognize it.
Tried to drag it into my desktop iTunes HanDBase window - it installed there, but after syncing with the iPod, it wasn't in the list of databases??

So, I'm still trying to get a simple link/linked system set up. Read your instructions, but I couldn't translate them into some working system. They are so long and detailed I lose the context and overall idea of what is going on, and I don’t see a system to how it is done. If it was broken down to a graphic, as to what the link did and what the linked did I might see it. Do they have to be associated with something that isn’t defined with a link or linked so there has to be 4 fields??? Not sure those directions for the Palm are still valid??

If I understand the terminology,
= Child I just want a list of electronic devises in one file with fields that are filled in by the Parent Battery file.
3 fields 1 device (like a watch)
2 Type of battery
3 batteries the watch would use

= Parent (batteries list)
2 fields 1. batteries, in a text field
2. battery type in a text field

Then I can create a record of a device, and reach into the battery file and yank out the battery type and ID from a record. Also, if I discover an addition to the equivalency, all the records in the “Child” will be updated...

A Child db record might look like
Device = watch
Battery type = Button
Batteries = LR41, AG3, SH3, G3-A

Any database that was a simple link/linked system without 10 other things going on would help.
Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.
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Re: Link / linked ?

Postby mjhanna » Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:01 pm


Perhaps some notes I posted earlier about understanding Link/Linked may be of use.
See this post.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Link / linked ?

Postby glenwf » Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:45 pm

Sorry, When I follow this, I end up with the same result.
A Parent field links to a child (linked) and I go to the child.
I try to do something like create a new record, and when I go to enter text I jump back to the Parent (Link) file. I go round robin.

I try linking to a text field that isn't a Linked field in the Child (Linked) file and that doesn't do anything. I can't get to my Linked file and do anything other than jump back to the original Parent (Link) file.

Does the Link field in the Parent point to a Linked field of the same name of the Child, or to another field? All the wording is confusing and I guess I need a picture. The only picture I've found isn't detailed enough to tell me anything except what a 1 to many is. Doesn't say what fields in one link to what fields in the other and vise versa.

I guess I just can't figure out what fields link or linked to what. Why can't there be a simple demo that can be downloaded that does nothing but show just this and not 10 other things that just muddy up the ideas. Then I could draw a diagram that shows what happens. I did find a diagram somewhat like that, but it wasn't detailed enough, and the database it referred to was no longer available.

I've been trying off and on for at least 10 years to do a simple link/linked system (since my Palm 3x days). I'm determined to figure it out now that I'm retired (as a network admin (the only one) and help desk), so I'm not computer illiterate.

Thanks for trying to help.
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Re: Link / linked ? & Old Software

Postby glenwf » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:42 pm

I discovered a simple link / linked example I could follow and diagram.

Actors / Movies

I get what is happening now and would supply a teaching aid, but not until I've played with the ideas and know for certain I'm not missing something.

One thing I did discover is I can't do what I wanted to do since the many (battery id list) I wanted to jump to would not show me the batteries for the device I am asking about because that pair would have to be defined in the battery list. And if I added a new device, that wouldn't be in that list so I couldn't link to it.


PS. Some I tried that were posted as simple examples of Link/Linked made in 2000 would not load. My HanDBase would not recognize them as files. I wonder how many old files in the public archives won't work anymore with our new HanDBase software????
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