Multiple databases linking forms

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Multiple databases linking forms

Postby Dernesto » Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:13 am

Hi Folks,

I have multiple databases, each with a form. I would like to link the forms using buttons as in this tutorial for a Palm OS: ... 167.73.142

I have not found any instruction or threads on how to do this on an iPhone and hoped it would be the same.

I have followed this tutorial several times linking fields in the databases properly, but when I go to assign an action to a button and choose Jump to Form and then choose the form, the only form that shows up is the one I am working with, and not the others I have linked to.

Is this platform specific feature, or is there something I need to do differently with a Mac and iPhone?


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Re: Multiple databases linking forms

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:45 pm

Hi there,

The feature is a little different in HanDBase now than it was back in that Palm tutorial. There is a separate button action for jumping to a form in a different db. If you scroll down a bit you should see 'Jump to form in other db'- that's the one!

Make sure the button source is a link field if you want the jump to be relational to this db record. Hope this helps!
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