Product selection

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Product selection

Postby tservice » Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:23 am

After reading the forums I am confused on which products that I need.
I have a mysql database at my office. I want to put handbase on my ipod touch. At the customers location I would populate handbase, then at the office I want handbase to sync with mysql.
Can this be done? And what all products do I need to purchase?
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Re: Product selection

Postby dhaupert » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:13 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your posting. The various product differ in what they can sync with. Only the Enterprise level product can sync to MySQL using their remote driver. Please try the trial version of the HanDBase Enterprise for iPhone Add-on with your computer and verify you can sync to your MySQL database before purchasing. There are a bunch of hurdles to jump through with syncing remotely like this- so you would want to make sure you can do so on your system before purchasing! There are a few articles about syncing to MySQL on our Knowledgebase, so hopefully you can use those to help you set things up.

You will also need to purchase HanDBase for iPhone on the App Store- at present there is no demo version for that.

Let us know how you make out!
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Re: Product selection

Postby tservice » Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:06 pm

I have purchased HanDBase for my ipod. I downloaded the demo version enterprise. I have been unable to find any information regarding mysql in the manual.
Could you direct me in the right direction?
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Re: Product selection

Postby dhaupert » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:57 am

Sorry for the delayed reply. We don't typically have documentation for each ODBC database we can connect to, but from what I've seen, connecting to MySQL via ODBC is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps I would try:

NOTE: Please make sure that when you are first testing, that you set up a cloned database table in MySQL to sync to. If something goes wrong you don't want to lose all your important data!

1. Download the remote ODBC driver for MySQL if you are going to be connecting to MySQL from a different computer. Here's a great article outlining how to set this up: ... -Database/
Pay special notice to the steps on this page to set up your Data Source to the table(s) you desire: ... atabase/3/

2. Create an ODBC data source on your computer using the above instuctions.

3. # You will first need to add two Text fields to your database in order for the Synchronization to work.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to enter these EXACTLY as indicated above, being sure to include the underscore ( _ ).

Note: Once these fields are added you will NOT want to alter them in any way. The Sync Exchange conduit will automatically add data to these fields. Do Not alter this data or add any values to these fields. If you use a Form view to enter your data we recommend you just do not add these two fields to your Form, keeping them hidden.
4. Access the Sync Exchange settings for your platform. These steps vary depending on whether you are using a device with Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or an iPhone or iPod touch.
Knowledgebase Article 232 has the general steps for accessing the Sync Exchange settings for these different platforms. You can also follow the steps for accessing these options in the HanDBase Documentation Manuals which are located in the Documentation sub-folder of the HanDBase 4 folder on your Start Menu under Programs or All Programs. You can also find this documentation in our Knowledgebase at the following link: ... =&read=198
4a. BlackBerry and iPhone and iPod touch users should follow these steps.

1. From the Conduit window click the Edit Sync Settings button.
2. Click the Create New Shared Database button.
3. Navigate to the folder where you wish to store the HanDBase database, based on the information above regarding a single user or multiple users.
4. Once you have selected the folder you want this HanDBase database to reside in then type in the name you want to give this HanDBase Database followed by .PDB. This will also translate into the name of the database on your handheld device(s) therefore it must be 19, or less, characters. For example ABCInventory.PDB.
5. Click Open.
6. This new database should now be listed in the Shared Databases box. Highlight this database.
7. On the right hand side if the Use Default Settings for this Database box is checked uncheck it.
8. At the bottom of the right hand side check the Synchronize with Access/ODBC Database box and then click the Settings button to the Right of that. This will open the Sync Exchange Settings Window.
9. You will find the first option, Enter a HanDBase Database, already filled in. Do not change that setting.
10. The Merge with an ODBC data source: option should already be selected so then proceed to click the drop down list under where it indicates Select an ODBC data source. From that list select the MySQL ODBC Data Source you created in the above section. Note: If you have a Personal Firewall you may be asked if the HanDBase Sync/Data Exchange application can have permission to access the Local Network. You will want to enable this.
11. Then from the drop down list under Table Name: select the database that is currently opened, which at this point should be the only one.
12. The only other options you might want to consider setting are the Data Source User ID and Password. If you click the Options button you'll see the following screen where you can enter the User ID and Password for the MySQL database.
Note: The settings file that stores these Sync Exchange settings is stored as a Plain Text file and your User ID and Password will be visible if someone were to find this file and figure out how to open it. So please check your company policies before doing this. However, be aware that if you do not enter this someone will have to enter it during the Sync process. Also note, there appears to be a bug in the ODBC Driver where if your database has a username but no password you will be prompted for the Username for every transaction during the sync.
13. For now ignore the rest of the options below as they only apply after you have this set up.
14. Click the Save button to save these settings.
15. BlackBerry and iPhone and iPod touch users click the [X] to close the Sync Settings Window.
16. Then close any other open windows.

5. Initiate a sync and see what happens- any issues will be recorded in the sync log and if you need any further assistance, feel free to paste that info into a followup here!
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