Multi value entry

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Multi value entry

Postby fredlef » Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:05 pm

Im learning this db quickly - very intuitive. I have several lists of about 20 items each that I want to check off for each record. I have set the lists up as dbpopup databases and created views against a check field to show whether or not an item is completed. It seems though that the only way to make the lists available is to select the list items one at a time for each record. In access I would be able to have a field with all the items contained and check off within that field. Is there an easier way to do what I am describing or is this the most optimum way. The issue is having to select each list item individually instead of just having them all available.

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Re: Multi value entry

Postby dhaupert » Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:05 am

Thanks for your post. We don't have a multi-select popup list at this time. I actually spent some time experimenting with one as an external field type a few years ago, and the main issue I had was in handling popup items' editing on multiple devices and resolving the selections after the lists had changed. For example, if you had selected 4 items of a 30 item list, and then someone else had renamed a few of those items, or deleted them, we'd wind up with a mess! I decided after some time it was going to take a major amount of re-working of the format of the database, and thus tabled it for a future major version update.

Sorry, but at this point there is no built in way to do this!
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