Relationship: electrician in difficulty ....

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Relationship: electrician in difficulty ....

Postby msoldera » Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:06 am

Hello everyone.
I am a happy user of Hanbase that I use now on my iPhone.
I'm an electrician and for work I need manage a series of data on interventions and hours worked yards of my clients, so I would like the possibility of a final report as regards the total costs of hours and materials for each work done. Day by day I would like input the hours worked of my employees, the materials used, any additional cost (choosing from a popup list). I'm not an expert and I need some indications on the general database to avoid blunders. Fields I want to manage are: Date, Client, Yard (more yards for the same customer), Houre worked, Materials, Extras. I think I should handle each field as a table to itself and then to relate to each other, but what is the best solution and how as relationships between them? A big thanks to those who will give me hand .... (excuse my English)

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Re: Relationship: electrician in difficulty ....

Postby dhaupert » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:04 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your posting. Your application sounds straightforward enough to do. I'd take a look at the sample time billing databases that come with the HanDBase program and try modifying that to meet your needs, rather than start from scratch.

You can use the Views to create a today, this week, etc type of view, limiting the data to only that subset of time. Then you can use the email records feature to send this as a text representation of your data. Alternatively, using the Windows Desktop (and hopefully some day the Mac desktop) you can use the Report feature to create a custom report template for your database to output and/or print. Please see this Knowledgebase article for more information on that: ... d=362&UID=

Let me know if you have any specific questions after getting started!
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