handbase crash at startup

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handbase crash at startup

Postby Treanot » Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:14 am

Hi, I am running iphone v3.1.2 on iphone 3g. I have a common problem that my external Photograph field often does not save and exits that current record and moves on to the next one. I have already submitted that as an error, but when asked how to reproduce it, I can not since it is a random error. My current solution is to either exit handbase and restart, or reboot my iphone. I personally think that it has to do with low memory. That is not the problem.
I currently can not run Handbase on my iphone at all. When I click on the application the start up screen comes up for about 1 sec then back to my home screen. I have rebooted the iphone and the same problem occurs.
This problem seem to have happened when I turned off the iphone while handbase was running. Handbase is the only application that was affected
I guess I can delete the application and reload it from the apple store or do a restore. I've never restored a single application before is there any "secrets" on how to do it?

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Re: crash solved? New problem

Postby Treanot » Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:50 pm

Almost asked and answered. I needed to move on. So I deleted the App. Since it was a purchase when I reloaded the app from the Apple Store it was free. When I reattached the iphone to handbase it automatically put the old databases on my iphone. My 30day free handbase desktop also just happen to expire today, so I bought that. My new problem is...none of my old photo are in my database and the photo are now starting over at #1. I had about 450 images in my old database. I can live without having the old photo in the database but reusing the same numbers is a problem. Is there a way to start the numbering of the photo at a point, for example i want them to start at number 500, then 501, 502 instead of going back to 1, 2, 3. Can I reload my old photos back into the image directory? Also curious if i put an .png image into the documents/images directory and my photo name field has that file name will I view it inside my handbase record? What are the image file paramenters? One of the reasons is that some times I use a different photo programs and I want to import that image to my record. So many questions.
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Re: handbase crash at startup

Postby dhaupert » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:45 pm


Sorry to hear of your troubles. Two main issues here:

1. The application was stuck in a crashing mode. I have personally had this happen with several apps I use often. In HanDBase, built from our experience on other platforms, there is code that basically checks to see if the last time you launched, you had success. If not, it won't try to restore the state. This was done because on occasion a corrupt database would cause the program to be stuck in a crashing mode at the launch if that database was the last one opened and HanDBase was trying to restore it's state.

Because of this, I can safely assume that HanDBase is not crashing due to a corrupt database or anything like that. If it were launching completely, we'd detect that and stay at the opening (Choose database) screen. So that leaves possibilities like low Flash Storage, low memory, etc. Since you reset and it still happened, I'd rule out low ram memory, but perhaps there was a low state of Flash Storage?

In the case of the bible software I use, the program was doing just this and the developer of that software told me it just happens to a percentage of users, and the only solution was a delete/reinstall of the software. So I just did that and didn't experiment any further.

In your case, if you were still in this mode, I would have suggested checking some of the crash logs that are provided to the desktop when you sync. But since it's gone, there is not much we can do to really debug the situation. It's up to you whether you'd like to pursue this further in order to avoid this potentially happening again.

2. The missing photos- indeed, while HanDBase conduit backs up all databases, it does not currently handle the photos taken and stored within it. To get them right now, you must go to Desktop Connect from your browser and choose to download a zip backup file of them. Since these files are stored in our 'sandbox', when you deleted the app, those files were deleted as well.

The good news is that your desktop may have a backup of those files anyway, since iTunes backs up the entire set of data on your device. Here are a few links to tools you can use to try to recover those files:

http://www.reincubate.com/labs/iphone-b ... wizard.png

Assuming you get the files recovered, you can install them (one at a time) via the Install file option within the Desktop Connect web page. I know that's tedious, but it's the only option we have at this point- sorry!

If you can't get them, unfortunately the only way to keep the files numbering from the right place is to create dummy files to hold those numbers. The program looks for the lowest number it can name a file and not have a duplicate, so it will be hard to stop if from auto numbering at a low number. One other thing to consider is using the Set Value to function to erase the values of all existing orphaned photo files a blank value so that they don't reference a photo they don't belong to.

Let me know how things go for you. Sorry again for the trouble!
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