Retrieving a Value from a Database for Calculations

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Retrieving a Value from a Database for Calculations

Postby fperezlandaeta » Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:40 pm

After receiving some excellent help from this forum i was able to develop my simple but functional database on my itouch. My database simply tracks orders with a detail order (called suborder). But, i am having some issues again.

The standard setup of my database includes

a) database for clients
b) database for discounts ( 5 types )
c) a table for articles
d) an order database
e) an order detail database

I am having problems in the order detail database...Why ?? Because, I need the database to calculate a price based upon a discount (introduce in the order database ) so that i only enter it once, and then in the order detail database it performs or executes the calculations.

For that i created a field in the order detail database --- that is a DB Popup that refers to the Order Database, to the field discount and is group 1.

i dont know how to pull a value from a database in the calc field. I know that for example in other databases you can perform a calculation with a value from another table. But, in handbase there seems to be a limitation on this. I dont know how to perform calculations calling variables from other tables.

Any help is appreciated.... I am almost done...

Thanks !!!
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