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Re: HanDBase v4.1.5 Development version released!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:21 am
by DavidDevaneyJr
We released a new Development Version build for the following products today.

HanDBase Plus for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC)
HanDBase Professional for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC)
HanDBase Enterprise for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (Pocket PC)

The new version and build numbers for these products are:
4.1.5 build D3

The only change at this time is the location of the Sync folders. In the previous build we changed the location of the Sync folders to be more compatible with systems with limited permissions. In this build the Sync location has been modified slightly to accommodate a limitation in the Conduit Options utility. The new location of the synced Windows Mobile files will be:

XP and prior:
..\My Documents\HanDBase4\WindowsMobile\DEVICENAME\


If you have the previous Development build installed you will want to first synchronize your device with the HanDBase Conduit to get both copies in sync before you Install this new build. Then after installing this please synchronize again immediately so that the new desktop/laptop copies are recreated properly. Then you can begin editing the data again.

If this is the first time you are installing the Development version you will also want to synchronize first before installing and then synchronize again immediately to avoid any possible data loss.

After you have installed and synchronized you can delete the previous Sync folder to avoid any confusion:

XP and prior:
..\My Documents\HanDBase4\DEVICENAME\


If you have any questions about this install please reply here or contact our Support team through the website.

Note: the issue mentioned in a previous post regarding not being able to open files from File Explorer will be fixed for the Release version.