Xref, Listview Labels

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Xref, Listview Labels

Postby DB100 » Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:12 am

1.) I will be moving from Palm to Android, and I have certain apps that I can't find an Android version. So I'm experimenting with converting these apps to HanDBase. One such app was Pocket TV, a TV Guide app for Palm. The HanDBase version turns out to be much more functional and I'm using it exclusively now. However, there is one area the Pocket TV version beats out the HanDBase version, and that is speed. With 3,000 entries, switching views in HanDBase can take 6 seconds. With Pocket TV it's instantaneous. If I could cross reference certain fields, the HanDBase version would be instantaneous as well. I searched this forum for "cross reference" and found no entries, so I don't know if this topic has been brought up before. Any thoughts on Xref's in HanDBase?

2.) HanDBase has the Listview and the Record view. The Listview has very limited space for a meaningful label. For example, a field named PERCENT in Record view, could appear as "Pe" in Listview, which is meaningless. Having the Listview label appear as "%" would be an improvement. When creating a field, in addition to the Field Name, a 2nd field called "Caption" or "Label", would be nice. The Field Name would be used in Record View, and the Label would be used in Listview.
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