inconsistency in synching db name changes

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inconsistency in synching db name changes

Postby Shepherd Jim » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:45 am

I'm running HDB v4.1.0 both on my Palm Centro and my Win XP laptop.

Last night I noticed that when I changed the names of several databases in the HDB Desktop the change did not synch over to the handheld. The databases were still synching (!! ??): new records copying over as well as field updates. I "manually corrected" the DB names on the Centro and all went on as normal. :o

And then this morning I changed the names of a few DBs on the phone. Those name changes immediately propagated to the HanDBase Desktop on the first synch! (?)

Not knowing how the synch process works I can't imagine what's causing this anomaly. Is this something buggy or am I not performing db name changes in the correct manner? :?:

i wish i knew then what i know now
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Re: inconsistency in synching db name changes

Postby dhaupert » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:21 am

Hi Jim,

You discovered on your own that the Handheld is the master list of databases. That is, we need to have one source to start from when building up a list of databases, so we look at the names of the databases on the handheld to determine the syncing list. If you delete or rename a file on the desktop, the conduit couldn't tell if the original file was deleted or perhaps you just haven't synced there, so it just creates the file. Any file on the desktop that doesn't have a match on the handheld is archived, as that looks just like the case where the Palm deleted a file and the same thing would happen.

So as long as you remember that the handheld is the master list, it should help you to keep this sorted out in your head! The same is true for other platforms such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc. which is why I'm leaving this topic in the general category, btw.
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