best procedure for NON-Access sych

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best procedure for NON-Access sych

Postby Shepherd Jim » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:14 am

I'll start by saying that I HATE MS Access and have sworn off using it for anything -- NOTHING should be THAT user UNfriendly!!

I have lots of data on my PC: some in MS Excel spreadsheets, some in dBase-format tables -- some of those are standalone tables (what we refer to as databases in the HanDBase world) and some are members of full blown relational databases along with affiliated forms, queries, reports and all that good stuff.

(sidebar: I use the Alpha Five relational database application -- comparable to Access but uses non-proprietary dBase format tables)

I copy data from a lot of the PC-based data out onto my "mobile device" (currently a Palm Centro smartphone) so as to have that information available in the shop and field. For example: I'll export a list of customer orders as a .csv and then import it into the HDB desktop with subsequent hot-synch onto the phone. The ability to have all my orders "in my pocket" out in the woodshop is the reason I bought my first Palm PDA a decade or more ago.

Problem 1) All the data in HDB on the Centro has lost its formatting -- all fields have synched over as "text."

Problem 2) I would like to make notes, mark items (e.g. as "done") and then synch those "updates" back to the original data on the PC. I've always been hesitant to synch back -- worried that unformatted, undisciplined data would corrupt the "main" data source.

What is the best, "step-by-step" procedure for synching back and forth without using the MS Access conduit.
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