Handbase noob questions

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Handbase noob questions

Postby Hawkcode » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:23 pm


First I have to say that I used Handbase years ago on a palm. Totally forgot about it, though I wish I had been reunited before I tried to implement my use on Bento.

I am a a programmer using MySql, php, access, Real basic and flex. My wife started a company and wanted a way to track her inventory, she sells vintage items on Etsy.com.

I thought bento would work as she could do all the input on her iPad and sync it to my Mac. Very clumsy and not relational.

Ok now for my question:

1. I got the desktop version for my Mac and was sad when I didn't see any form designer. Is there a form designer for the Mac?

2. Then I say that there was an add on to the iPad version to create forms, cool. Now my first stumbling block. I can not find how to add a picture. I thought there would be a picture field but there isn't one, so how do you do it as I know it can be done, it is shown on some of the videos. I also saw references the you could get the pix from your library or camera. My wife's iPad has a camera, mine doesn't and that's the one I have to develop this in. So how do you do pictures?

3. Assuming you can do pictures is there a way to sync the records back to the Mac with the pictures?

4. Can I sync between our iPads?

5. Is there a manual?

Thanks and I'm glad I found you again.

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