Unique number reset after synchronization

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Unique number reset after synchronization

Postby gbass4 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:37 am


I'm a new user of HanDBase, with my iPad and laptop working in combination. I set up a series of databases to use when gathering history data. There are three tables which work together as follows;

An events table, which has a Unique field as the event ID. It also has relationship links to the two other tables, one for People and one for Places. The idea is that I can note an event in history, then note the people and the places involved. From an HanDBase persective, the Unique event ID ties them all together. When I create a new event, the new event ID is taken forward into the Places and People entries I also create, so linking everything together.

By using this forum and your help information, I was able to understand relationships and get this set up nicely. I then loaded up some data from spreadsheets, to populate the databases with information. This left me with three linked databases, all sharing the unique event ID. After the initial load I had 1259 unique events in the database.

I then used the iPad app to start entering data. I pressed '+' to add a new Event, and it generated 1260 as the next ID. I used the relationship link to create People and Place entries. All worked well, and the same for events 1261 and 1262.

I made a few cosmetic changes to the forms for these tables (not changing any field types), and then synched the iPad to the laptop.

After synch, the iPad still showed 1262 as the latest event ID. But, when I created a new record, the event ID was 1260.

As I can't afford to have these event IDs out of step, I deleted the databases from the iPad, set my synch settings to 'Desktop Data Overwrites iPhone', and reloaded the tables from the laptop.

After this, the iPad tables shows 1262 as the latest event ID but, once again, when adding a new event, the unique number is 1260.

As I started by saying, I'm new to HanDBase. It does everything I need for my research. But if I can't get this unique number system to work properly, it is no use to me.

Anything I've missed? Any settings I need to change?

Any help is appreciated,


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