Database layout questions

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Database layout questions

Postby enidfire » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:19 pm

I have been trying to wrap my brain around how to develop an employee evaluation database for my employer.

I work as the IT guy for a fairly large fire dept and have developed databases in access before but for some reason I can't get what I need to do to click in my head.

I need a database that has multiple relations, I will explain now.

This is the structure of the database so far

Review Module
Review Question

I am having problems wrapping my brain around how to do the last 3 sections, review, review module, and review question. The reason is that a probationary firefighter will pull in the same 18 review modules that each module contains 5 questions as a firefighter and a driver. So as they promote up throughout the career and change "ranks" we want to be able to track the similar questions. As they promote to driver they do add a module "Driver Engineer Skills" which has its own 5 questions. So the evaluation is conditional on the rank at the current time of review. Once they get to Leutenant, Captain, Batalion Chief and Deputy Chief the review switches and becomes more about leadership but 2 of the review modules stay the same no matter the rank.

I want to make this so we can add and change questions in its own database tied to each module. Then we create the eval by calling the modules and it pulls in all the questions in that module. Then the review will pull in all the modules needed to make the entire review. All of this will be stored under the staff member.

I am considering the best way to do the stations, shift, unit, and rank. I think it would be best to have a seperate database that you link to from the staff and populates the last field entered that way you can have a start date and end date for shift, unit, rank, and then enter the current one without a end date until they switch again. (I hope that explenation makes sense).

I have purchased handbase for iPad and will be purchasing handbase for windows soon. We have several iPads in the department and will be purchasing more copies as I finish this. Just trying to get input on the best development steps as I am not an experienced database developer.
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