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How to set a link from one record to another record same DB

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:22 pm
by Joerg

I like to know if it is possible (and if, how to set it up) to set a field that is poiting to another record at the same database.

I'm having an asset database some records are holding an asset that is part of another asset all related assets are building a set.

For example I have a camera bought that comes with a lens, so the camera will be the parent. The record that presents the lens should have a link to the camera. I have a form that shows the asset and I would like to have a button that would jump into the record of the parent. I don't want to store the childs in a different database as I like to have a list of all assets. The parent will hold the purchase value of the set.

Any hints?

Many thanks!