Import / Export Problems - PlugIn trouble??

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Import / Export Problems - PlugIn trouble??

Postby Shepherd Jim » Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:44 am

Hello! I continue working on my Cacti & Succulent inventory -- the "main" database tables being in Alpha Five (Ver 8) on the PC (WinXP) with "working" databases on the Palm Centro in HDB (Ver 4.1.6).

I do a lot of exporting and importing of databases out of and into both Alpha Five and HDB -- text .csv files. I've learned along the way that everything goes most smoothly if I import "text" records into an existing database -- field types etc. are not lost. The "receiving" database is then allowed to correctly "set" the field types.

I recently changed a database on the handheld; I added three External fields using the NumPad plugin. This was to speed screen input into three float (2 decimals) fields. I used the NumPad fields to enter plant dimensions into the database on the Centro smartphone and then synched with the PC. I then discovered on the HDB Desktop that database records had been trashed.

It was interesting: the record COUNT was correct but most individual records had disappeared while a few now appeared as multiples (e.g. there was NO Rec# 1 or 2 and there were SIX Rec#3's, and then 10 Rec#22's).

Are there any special considerations when you're using the external fields? I've been trying isolate the problem -- I'm suspicious of the "Export Field to Text/Print Field" checkbox on the field definition screen.

For the time being I'm deleting the NumPad fields and trying to see if I can get things back to normal.

i wish i knew then what i know now
Shepherd Jim
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Re: Import / Export Problems - PlugIn trouble??

Postby dhaupert » Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:03 am

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your email. Changing field types should not result in multiple database records like this- it should have no bearing. There was only one other customer I saw this happen with in the past and it was just a few weeks ago. His problem came down to the program backupbuddy being installed on his handheld. BackupBuddy by default messes with the databases that have their own conduit, which in our case it shouldn't! At least in the version he had, there was a provision to turn that off, and that fixed the problem.

Let me know if this is the case for you!
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