Navigating records via the form view

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Navigating records via the form view

Postby mjt57 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:54 pm

I have created a small database of 3 fields. They are:

Field 2 (Integer)
Field 3 (Integer).

I use this database to record meter readings. I'm starting with two fields and when I get it working properly I'll be expanding it to around 20 fields per record.

However, I have some problems.

Firstly I want to create a form that display's the date of the record and the data within the currently displayed record.

Then I want to create navigation arrows so I can scroll back and forth between records. However I can do neither of the above.

I can have the form display the readings in the two fields but I can't enter a spot for the date. Also there appears to be no option for database navigation in the form.

FInally, how do I get a database to open in form view, and to stay in form view once data has been entered? I don't wish to see the raw table.

I'm running HDB 3.0.

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Re: Navigating records via the form view

Postby dhaupert » Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:00 am

Sorry for the late response!

I am assuming you are referring to custom forms in your questions, and thus one of the platforms that supports it (eg, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, etc).

To display a date in a form, you can pick a label field and point the data source to the date field. That gives you a read only display of the date so if it's an auto-set date, it will just display the date it was set to. Set the caption to the field's value.

To make a changeable date, choose a popup control and point to the date field. Set the caption to the field value. Now when shown it will have the date value, select the popup selector and you'll get choices such as Today, Tomorrow, and a jump to calendar function.

Lastly, you can assign a button to a date field as well. Then when selected, you can choose the action to jump to the choose date screen (ie, calendar).

It's a matter of picking the choice that suits you best!

For navigating between records, you can add a button, set the caption to > or < (or whatever you want to say next or previous record, and then set the action to be 'go to next record' or 'go to previous record'. There are also jump to first record and last record options if you want to add buttons for those two.

For your last question- there is no provision in HanDBase 3 to start within a form. This was something added in version 4.0, which you could upgrade to if you need this feature. It's a section of the DB Properties called Startup.

Hope this helps!
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