Navigating via forms

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Navigating via forms

Postby mjt57 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:31 pm

I run HandDBase Ver 3.0. I am working on a small database which consists of 3 fields, all text.

I created a form which uses labels to display the records. I created two buttons to navigate back and forth from previous to next record. However, in this mode I cannot edit the records. But the presentation looks great.

So, I created a second form. In that form I set the items in the form to "text entry" so I could change the data in the fields of a selected record.

I then created a button in the original field to jump to that form so I can edit a record.

So far, so good. I then returned to the list. I tapped a record but the "edit record" form popped up, not the main form for displaying the information.

There is a button in the "edit" form that takes me back to the main form. So, I then tap either the next or previous record buttons. But when I do that, it takes me to the required record but it also takes me to this second form.

In the end I simply deleted the "edit" form and changed the elements in the main form so that they're "text entry" elements.

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. I'm trying to create a screen that shows the data, allows me to navigate it, but if I wish to edit the data then I need to go to a different form. But it's not working out as I had hoped.

Finally, I wish to search for a record in the form but I cannot work out how to do it? I have to go back to list view, where I can see most of the data, anyway.

And how can I open a database in form view instead of list view?

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Re: Navigating via forms

Postby dhaupert » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:54 am

My apologies for the delayed reply. No good excuses, I simply didn't see a few messages that came in over the weekend!

In the details for a form (where you can set the color, title, etc for a form, you can select whether it is the start form for editing an existing record as well as creating a new record. Only one form can be selected as the start form for each of these operations. It seems that the wrong form has been selected and all you should need to do is select the right start form!

In regards to searching, the forms are for designing a way to view/edit data for a single record. They don't provide for other functions in the program (ie, search, sorting, filters, list view, etc). Someday we may add that capability, but right now, this is the design of it, and so searching from within a form is not possible.

As for starting the database in a form, see the DB Properties section under 'startup'. There you can select whether the database opens to a specific record, new record, etc. When a record is opened (whether new or existing) it will always open to the form, if one is set to show based on the above.

Hope this helps!
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