iPhone! 32 GB — 5C or 5S ??? / DECIDED

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iPhone! 32 GB — 5C or 5S ??? / DECIDED

Postby MidCoast Jim » Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:02 am

Hey all! -- UPDATE -- see below

Okay! I've passed the two year mark and my contract with Verizon has expired. My tired, sad, OLD Droid Raze Maxx is burning a hole in my pocket. LOL

Only question at this point is WHICH iPhone 5 do I get? Believe me, I would LOVE to minimize $$$ outlay, but do not want to be suffering 13 months from now because I saved $100 this afternoon.

The 5S's fingerprint scanner is not a big deal for me ..good chance it wouldn't work through the cover in which I'll have the phone encased.
I tend to collect a good number of apps and wonder if the 5C's slower processor will bog down
I don't store a ton of music or photos on my phone

I'll appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.

UPDATE: I went with the iPhone 5C 32 GB through my existing carrier Verizon Wireless. It was the extra $100 for the S over the C that kept tipping the balance to favor the C Who knows? It's entirely likely that I'll be pulling my hair out in 18 months whiel the phone plods along with its hopelessly outdated processor. :shock:
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