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Postby UKenGB » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:25 pm

Many years ago I was put off using HanDbase because of its inaccurate use of the term 'Database', using it instead to mean 'Table'. I am now further disappointed to find this is STILL the case. There is a reason why there are different terms for what is a 'Table' (collection of 'Fields') and a 'Database' (collection of 'Tables') - because they are NOT the same thing. I cannot see why any individual developer would wish to try and go against the flow and mix these up. Just makes no sense. Dave states it's because "HanDBase can interrelate any database table with any other database table installed" which is exactly the same as any real database system such as in SQL, so no need to keep using the wrong words.

If HanDbase uses the term 'Database' to mean 'Table', what is used to describe a real 'Database'? Er, 'Applet' it would appear. Well that's also wrong. An 'Applet' would be the App that handled the UI and program logic and which accessed the data held in one or more 'Databases'.

Not only does this misnaming appear pointless, but it's irritating when one is already well versed in the correct nomenclature and is confusing while HanDbasese has to be continuously translated into the correct terminology for it to make sense.

And while on the subject of correct terminology, there's no such thing as Mac iOS, a term I've seen used in some of the documentation. Does that mean Mac OSX, or Apple iOS? Clear as mud basically and a good example of why the right words should ALWAYS be used.
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Re: Nomenclature

Postby dhaupert » Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:10 pm


Thanks for your thoughts on this. One of the things I tried to achieve with HanDBase is to break out of that small niche of database designers. There was always a wall between the use of a database and all of the terminology that meant nothing to the average computer user. Understanding the difference between a table and database, a query, an index, etc. This wall is, in my opinion, the reason why the most popular database application is not a database at all, it's a spreadsheet! So HanDBase is my attempt to bridge the gap between the regular user and the database guru, providing database powers and features to the type of person who would normally just use a spreadsheet.

It's up to each of you as the customer to decide whether or not I made things better or worse in that regard. I can tell already how you stand on the issue, and I'm sure you're not the only one who feels that way! Nonetheless, if you're looking for a traditional database manager, there are plenty of other apps you can choose from that follow that analogy. HanDBase was not designed with you in mind, but you're more than welcome to use it if you find it's your best option!

As an aside, I do personally feel if I could go back in time I would do things slightly differently (eg, always regretted the names and link and linked for their field types as it's confusing to most users) but I'm not about to rename everything on hundreds of thousands of users who have learned the nomenclature and are used to the way things work!

Regarding the actual nomenclature- there is no 1:1 for each term as HanDBase doesn't have a term for a table. Each database has a single table, if you will, so there is no need to delineate or provide a name for it!

If you really wanted to think of each database as a table, you're free to do so, and you can think of each category name as the database name since all 'tables' will be listed under their 'database name' in this case!

Lastly, I'm not aware of the term Mac iOS being used anywhere (though I do refer to Mac OS in many places) and if it is, it's surely a typo that I'd be happy to fix. Thanks in advance for letting me know where you see this!
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