Help with new database

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Help with new database

Postby wicked271 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:35 pm

Hi. Just bought the iphone app handbase. Can I ask for your help with a new database? I want to set up this:
Conditional where if condition = true; the field or group of fields would show up else hide that field or group of fields. Is this possible?

what does the DB popup group # (0=none) mean?

Also, whats the difference with the relationship and linked/link field?

Can I do this with relationships/links?

Database Client (fields name, birthday, address)
Database Account (client name(db popup), account #, date of account, product type, price)
Database Price (name, date as of, price)

Database ComparePrice - just get or show the important data from other databases
---- (DBAccount client name, DBAccount account #, DBAccount price, DBPrice date as of, DBPrice price)

Basically this is a stocks database. I bought some stocks and for each account I have the price when I bought that particular stock and other account details. I also want another database where I can see if that stock has done good or bad in the comparePrice database.

Will this be too complicated for a newbie?

so far it's been trial and error with the setup of database. Are there any newer version of the manuals found on your website? I've notice it's mostly for palm OS.

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