Beginners questions

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Beginners questions

Postby noodle23 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:44 pm

I want to create a database of about 1000 bottles of wine. I want to be able to share this database on a one time basis with a small (5-6-7?) number of people who have unknown software capability. I have read through the forum and the tutorials and I cannot find much that illustrates the basics of how to do this.

Can you briefly explain a .pdb file type in the context of the above paragraph? Would you recommend that I send a .pdb file, spreadsheet or import to another database and then send that to others?

One thing that attracted me to your software was the ability to add pictures to the database taken from the ipad's camera. In the context of the above, what steps do I have to go through to make these pictures available to others? From my limited use of your software, I see it is possible download images to a Windows desktop using a browser, but I am not sure how to sync up the correct picture to the correct record. And then, I am unsure of the software/procedures needed to share a database with pictures.

If there are good tutorials or other training materials that deal with the above, please point me to them. I will be happy to start there.
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Re: Beginners questions

Postby Brian_Houghton » Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:36 am


Thanks for writing.

PDB is the file format that HanDBase uses, much like DOCX is used by Microsoft Word, and so on for the countless different extensions. If you were to share a HanDBase PDB file, anyone you were sharing this file with would have to purchase a copy of HanDBase and use it to read the file.

If you want to share the information with people who do not use HanDBase, your best option will be to export the database to a CSV file. The CSV file, which is a structured text file, can be opened by numerous programs, including text editors, spreadsheets and other databases.

You can export images to the desktop. When doing so, you would want to collect those images into a folder that you would then distribute. If you have many images, the best option would be to compress the folder into a zip archive and host it for download on either a website you have access to or a cloud storage account such as Dropbox.

Assuming the person uses HanDBase in conjunction with your database, they can use Desktop Connect to manually upload each of the photos to their iOS device (images are not supported in the Android version yet). To do this, they would use the steps below:

- Enable WiFi on their iOS device
- Open HanDBase on the iOS device
- Switch to the database selection screen of HanDBase
- Tap the Connect button
- Note the URL that appears on the screen of the iOS device
- Open a web browser on his or her computer
- Enter the URL shown on the iOS device into the address bar of the web browser
- When the screen refreshes to show databases installed on the device, look to the upper right where you will find options for uploading files... there you will want to manually upload the image files
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