Downloading demo

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Downloading demo

Postby kchn2000 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:49 pm

Hi, I tried to download demo versions without success.

I'm using a MacMini running Yosemite. I selected different options at different times, including:
- HanDBase Desktop,
- HanDBase Enterprise for iPhone/iPad Add-on and
- HanDBase Professional for iPhone/iPad Add-on

Every time a file was downloaded, but invariably they were .exe files, which I cannot run on my MAC.
I do not recall seeing a choice of Windows or Mac during the selection process.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. /Kam
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Re: Downloading demo

Postby Brian_Houghton » Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:37 pm


Thanks for posting.

You can download the Mac specific version of HanDBase Plus for iOS/Mac at the following link: ... nedemo.dmg

Once the DMG finishes downloading, double click it to expand. You'll be prompted to drag the HanDBase app into your Applications folder.

To set up syncing with HanDBase on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad), do the following:

- enable WiFi on the iOS device, taking care to connect to the same network your computer uses
- open HanDBase on the iOS device to the database selection screen
- tap the Connect button, which resembles two rotating arrows
- note the URL that appears on the screen of the device
- open HanDBase Desktop on your Mac
- select the menu option Devices / iPhone Users
- when the sync dialog appears click the + button and follow the onscreen prompt to enter the URL from the screen of the handheld

Hope this helps!
Kind Regards,
Brian Houghton, DDH Software
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