Fractions DB download working on other platforms?

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Fractions DB download working on other platforms?

Postby glenwf » Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:13 pm

I downloaded the database "Fractions" by Brian C. Slater
"Converts decimals to fractions, also converts millimeters to inch and inch to millimeters"

I want to use this on my iPod Touch 5, but it doesn't show the answer in the box provided to show the numerator and denominator of the fraction that should be showing in the form provided.

I was wondering if it is working on other platforms, or does it need to be fixed?

Another odd thing - when I turn my iPod on it's side for a long window when in list view, I get one search input field on the top of the screen and another half the width of the screen just below that. Could the programmer have done that? It doesn't happen in list view in my other databases when displayed on the side for a long view. I'm confused about that.

Thanks. BTW, I don't often log in, but I watch these boards daily and learn a lot and very grateful for them.
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