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Postby bsguy » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:25 pm

I am looking for an app to manage a humanitarian medical mission trip's pharmacy. The workflow is:
- We pass out barcoded "tickets" to the people wanting to come to the clinic.
- We accept people in groups into the triage. They must present the barcoded ticket in order to be allow in.
- The triage clinician scans the barcode and inputs a time/date stamp, the person's name, age and gender. This information is then printed on an 5.5"x8.5" form. The original bardcode is also re-printed on the form.
- The person is given the printed sheet and waits their turn for a doctor.
- After being examined, the doctor would scan the barcode on the previously printed triage form. The person's name, age and gender would be pulled from the database, along with a new date time stamp. Desired medication would be selected from an inventory of available meds. Desired dosage would be included. All of this would then be printed on a label printer in the pharmacy for filling.If the doctor prescribed 5 different meds to "Jane Doe" they would scan the barcode 5 different times and select a different med each time.
- One thing that would also be great is a solution that plagues us on these trips dealing with names of meds. Many times the doctors prescribe using the name that they most use. The same drug may come with many different names and the people in the pharmacy may not be aware of all of them. It would be wonderful to have a cross-reference feature that would, for example, print Acetaminophen on the Rx label, even if the doctor prescribed Tylenol.

Question: Can HanDBase do this in an environment that will have a local wireless network, but will likely NOT have internet access? I would like to do this using iOS devices (phones or pads). If necessary, I could have a computer on the network also. Will it be able to print to a regular page printer (for the triage sheet) and a label printer (for the prescriptions)?
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