What PDA do you recommend

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What PDA do you recommend

Postby grputnam » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:31 pm

What PDA would people recommend to use. The options I have right now are all models of Blackberry, HTC Diamond, Palm Treo Pro, Motorola Q 9c. These are the models my IT department will support.
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Re: What PDA do you recommend

Postby dhaupert » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:57 pm

Can't speak on every one of these phones, but can speak in regards to HanDBase on each of these:

BlackBerry - probably the most limited feature set of our HanDBase ports. Devices are in general very cheap feeling, slow and cumbersome. Web browser is almost useless. But email on them is great!

Palm Treo Pro- Palm just announced they were discontinuing this. It may likely not be well supported in the near future.
Other than that, a fairly nice device!

Motorola Q 9c- no touch screen, and running the Windows Mobile Standard operating system which makes for a very limited set of choices in regards to applications to use with it.

HTC Touch Diamond- well regarded, has touch screen, runs a very popular Operating System. HanDBase on this device is probably the most full featured of any platform. Cons are the fact that using Windows Mobile is not as intuitive or enjoyable as other types of devices.

Hope that helps!
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