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Re: HanDBase Related News Update!

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:37 pm

jjohnson873 wrote:Hi David...I'd like to add my name for support for HanDBase. I've used this DB since it came out in PalmOS. I have invaluable databases developed on HanDBase. I was so pleased to see the addition the Apple thumbprint open for the databases. This saves a huge amount of time. I echo the other users on using the cloud for backup/sync of databases. Syncing with a specific piece of hardware is not always easy. I find HanDBase so easy to use that I often create a DB for tracking various things in my life. It's very flexible, expandable and easily changed on the fly. I'd like to link several databases together and need to brush up on exchanging data and linking various databases. I'd also like to import data from Excel so I'll need to understand the exchange format to accomplish that feature. Once again, congratulations on providing HanDBase on so many platforms. Currently I run it on iOS MacBook Pro, Apple iPhone 7S and my iPad. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the kind words! I am so glad you're still using HanDBase after all these years.
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Re: HanDBase Related News Update!

Postby hudsonhawk » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:44 pm

Im a relatively new user but Ive grown to rely on Handbase a lot. I can understand your dilemna though in light of the positive comments let me throw a little caution. The whole reason I bought Handbase in the firstplace is that itdidnt have a subscription model,offered a desktop sync to Access (which oddly enuf I bought but never used) and had a relational tabl based model. If it had been a subscription based model Im not sure I would have ever purchased. I would have simply bought a CRM.

That said, I would observe the following would help sales.
1. Better promotion to what you can do with the app. I mean the apps you can download download and build are just amazing but you dont find out about this until ‘after you’ve bought!’ That is perhaps the single biggest thing I think holding new sales back. A subscription model would just get revenue from existing customers.
2. Better promotion and curation of user submitted apps. Maybe just add a rating? Honestly despite my comments above there is a lot ofpoorly written user submitted dbs on your web site. If you download a couple and your not lucky you could easily make a false judgement.
3. Find a way for users to sell their own apps with yourprogram built in. Ive thought of doing this myself with a CRM app I’ve written that is much more comprehensive than any Ive found on the handbase website. But how could I do this effectively? If you had 10 app developers all marketing their app either thru you or on their own on the appstore - that would be far more revenue generation than a db app on its own.
4. A little more modern look to the icon and the app. I mnow this seems nitpicky but people gravitate to the eye Candy.

Pardon the typos done on my iphone. Love the work and you gotta do what you gotta do but this is my opinion. I do guess it would depend on the cost.
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