Form design & adding controls

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Form design & adding controls

Postby glenwf » Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:13 pm

The hardest thing I encounter during the design of a form, or adding to a form already made (like wizard) is adding a control.

I always seem to get it wrong and have to try another choice until I get what I want. Since I don't do it every day, is there a comparison / summary chart that shows what each control can do and the differences between them?

If it wasn't for the wizard showing me the way, adding to forms would be much more confusing because I can look to see what the wizard did and make another like what I want. But if I have to start from scratch it is very difficult to chose the correct control for the job.

I was reading the forms manual and notice that many controls control the same thing. That is very confusing, because some control the same things very differently and not intuitive to my thought process.

Any help appreciated.
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PS. Also long time since Palm user and willing to pay a yearly fee. The ability to get advise makes this program so much more valuable than the purchase price.
Thanks again.
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