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Question Mark ? Popup Groups

Postby glenwf » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:17 pm

I complained about simplifying directions for some things like Link Linked and recently Popup Groups. I think I figured out Popup Groups and have attached what I was talking about as a possible good direction for this subject. I have one for Link Linked, but I don't think it is right - haven't figured it out yet. Hope what I have provided can be used and is correct. Guess I can't attach a PDF or doc, so I attached a JPG. I'm glad to supply anything you want.

The Question Mark question comes from creating the Popup Groups database. A screen shot is of my list view of the parent. What is with the "?" below the first field? Is this a field grouping? I can't seem to get rid of it even though I've removed the grouping I thought I needed to do the Popup Groups (you see where I went wrong with directions that were not explicit).
Directions for using Popup Groups
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What is the "?" doing there?
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Re: Question Mark ? Popup Groups

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:52 pm

Thanks for sharing your tip sheet with us! There is also a tutorial already online that may address the same questions:

The ? you see is the name of the group for the sorting that you have. When you were sorting something all the characters that are not a-z get grouped into the ? section. Normally you'd see sections for a..z if you had any records containing them as well.
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Re: Question Mark ? Popup Groups

Postby glenwf » Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:08 pm

I did search for help but couldn't find it. Would have been nice.

That example is an example of the problem I have with most directions given. Long drawn out directions to make something I have no need for and in the end I still have to create something like the chart I showed you so I can see the whole and see how the parts fit.

The main reason I've had little success with link linked problems is what I have described. I've tried to create a chart for link linked, so far have not gotten it right. Since it takes hours to follow the detailed instructions for something I don't need I try to see how it works by looking at the database associated with it, but without a map of the whole I usually get lost. If I actually follow all the directions, sometimes I'm not sure what is happening so the learning is lost.

I doubt I'm the only person that looks at things this way. Just my opinion...


BTW, I see where the "?" came from now. Thanks.
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Re: Question Mark ? Popup Groups

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:34 pm

Hi again!

I honestly think the reason the chart is so helpful to you is because you have rephrased it in your own languages/thoughts. When I look at what you wrote above vs what is in the HanDBase user manual for DB Popups:

DB Popup fields
Similar to a Text field, except the popup choices come from a field of another database. When
you select the Popup list for this field by pressing the field name to the left of the field, you will be
taken to the other database, where you can choose a record by selecting it. Once selected, you
will return to the first database and this field will be filled with the text value of the field specified
below in the second database. When selected, the following options appear:
Visible in Edit Record Screen/Not Visible in Edit Record Screen.
Check if you want this field to be visible on the View Record and Edit Record Screen.
Uncheck if you wish to hide it on the View Record and Edit Record Screen.
Included in Exports/Not Included in Exports
Check if you want this field to be exported when you select Email Record from the View/Edit
Records screens or Email Records from the list view. Uncheck if you don't wish to export or print
this field.
Encrypt this Field/Do Not Encrypt this Field
Check this option if you want the ability to Encrypt this field specifically. You will need to specify
what level of Encryption you would like, in the Security Settings, before this will be active.
Uncheck if you do not wish to enable Encryption for this field.
Width in List View
Drag to adjust the width that will be shown on the List View Screen. Pulling all the way to the left
means it will not be shown and pulling all the way to the right means it will fill the entire width of
the List View (in Portrait mode).
Maximum Characters Allowed
Choose the maximum number of characters allowed for this field. The range is from 1 to 254.
This will limit the size of the string allocated for this string when editing it in the [Edit Record]
screen. NOTE: This can be changed at a later time if you feel you need more room. It only affects
the RAM requirements during the editing of a field.
Popups Append to Value/Popups Replace Value
Set this to Popups append to Value if you'd like for the values selected from the popup list for this
field to append to the end of any existing value.
Otherwise set to Popups replace value if you'd rather the popup value replace the current text
Checking this option is useful if you'd like to allow multiple popup values in a text field. An
example of this may be a link to a web site, where you could have http://, www., and .com as
popup values, and you would be able to add these on, one by one to the existing field.
Default Value: Use Static Default Value/Use Previous Record's Value
Tap this row to toggle between the two default setting options. The first is to use a static value
for each and every record. The following screens show these different options. The second is to
use the value from a specific field from a previous record. Depending on the selection, the row
below will give an option to enter a static value or to choose a field to take the value from.
Other Database Name
Select from the current existing databases by pressing the trigger to the right.
Other Field Name
If you tap the popup selector you will be presented with a list of the field names from the other
database you specified in Other Database Name. Select the field name you wish to have data
filled from in this DB Popup field.
Group (0 = none)
By setting this value to something other than 0 (0 disables this feature), you can assign multiple
DB Popups, up to 10, to the same group. Then, whenever any of the DB Popups in a group are
selected and a record in the other database is selected, all items in the same group will be filled
out automatically with their appropriate field values. An example of this would be to grab a
customer's name, company name, and pricing level at the same time for an order taking
database. The customer's name, company name, and pricing level would all reside in the same
database, and each item in the calling database would have the group value set to the same
(non-zero) value, ie 9. Selecting any of the three field names in the calling database will take the
user to the other database where they can choose the customer. At that point, all three values
would be copied over into their appropriate fields.

Looking at the group section, I don't see much difference to be honest! Of course the manual is wordier and also includes every setting within the DB Popup field, but I think much of what you gained from the experience of doing it yourself is an understanding you would not have received if the manual had included that exact chart you ended up with!

As for link/linked, that and Relationship fields are the most complex topics within HanDBase, and really relational databases in general. Many millions of people use database apps in a flat file manner without having to understand this concept. But I have attempted to explain this in the documentation as well as through a series of documents on the website:

Let me know if you have any specific questions after reading those!
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