Linking Databases exported from Storeit

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Linking Databases exported from Storeit

Postby TW1 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:26 am

I would appreciate some help with converting 'Storeit' databases for use in Handbase.
The databases offered in The Database Gallery do not quite fit the bill for me.

I have two .csv files, relating to my reading, exported from 'Storeit' as I have moved to Android.

One file, Authors, where each tuple contains the unique number of the Author, the author name, genre as text strings.
The other file, Book Titles, where each tuple contains the unique number of the title, the unique number of the Author and the Title as a text field.

Could more experienced Handbase programmers suggest how to link these two databases, using the existing Author number to display all titles (held as tuples in the second database) from that author - the object being to display all the Author's titles on a single page?
I think I can see how to do it from a fresh start - where I enter all the data again - but not how (whether?) I can link using my existing unique Author integers.
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Re: Linking Databases exported from Storeit

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:41 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your post- great question by the way!

With HanDBase there are several ways to create relational connections between tables. The link/linked one is more for the new database where you don't have existing identifiers that can be used. The Relationship field is the one for existing identifiers and here's how I'd suggest setting this up:

In the Authors table, add a relationship field called "Titles". Set it to tie together the author unique number in the author table and the one in the Titles table. Choose to show no value from the titles table for now (you can change later).

Now open the authors table and a record, you should see a button with your field name "Titles". Tap that and you should see a list of all titles by that author. If from this list screen you add a new title, the author ID field will be auto filled with the value from the current author.

That should be all there is to getting the relationship set up. You can go back and have the Titles relationship field show a value from the Titles database. You may wish to show the first Title in the matching list, the last title, etc. In my databases, I often make an additional field in the related database (titles in this case). I add a calculation field of the previous value + 1 and call it count. Then I choose to show this value in the Authors table's relationship field and will see a count for all the related titles for each author.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Linking Databases exported from Storeit

Postby TW1 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:02 pm

Thank you very much for the guidance for my new DB which was explicit, just what was needed!
(I'm also very glad that it was interesting...I like, particularly, your suggestion of assigning 'Titles' to a calculated field which would show the total number of that author's books that have been read and will implement that, once the basic system has been proved)

Now for two supplementary problems for which I hope there are answers (or suggestions of other routes that I might take).....

I would like to have the ability to select several values from a pop-up list - for example, if a genre popup list contains 'crime' 'Scandinavian' 'historical', I should like to be able to select crime and historical and show them as the result.
However only a single value seems possible?

In the csv file exported from Storeit the genre values are shown as separate text strings.
I wondered whether the result of a popup selection was stored in Handbase as a numerical pointer to the list contents.
Following this, if a numerical value to indicate (say) 'crime' was assigned in the .csv file, would this numerical value, when imported into a Handbase DB, result in the correct item on the genre popup being shown?

I should be grateful for any help !
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