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E-ink and Android 9 and BOOX support?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 5:20 pm
by docfruitbat
First, wanted to say I love HanDBase. Used it many, many years ago as a Palm Pilot user. The device eventually died and I moved on to other devices. When I later moved to a Samsung Tab years ago I looked for a database app and marveled that HanDBase was available. Been using it for many years at this point. Ah, but, change comes to all things, and I've needed to upgrade my tablet, so I tried a new device that runs Android 9, but also uses a 16 grey-scale E-Ink display. It's called the BOOX Max3, made by Onyx. It's somewhat like a Amazon Kindle DX, but this is an even larger format display (13") and has note taking abilities and stylus drawing ability, which my old Kindle never had. With a little effort,The Max3 can be connected with the Google Play store and I was able to install HanDBase yet again. But, there are issues.
The first issue is that starting the app reports that it is old and may not work very well. But it does run, if a little strangely. Most of my issues have to do with the color choices of the app, I suspect.
Running the app makes display all black. E-Ink is kind of unique in that it's blank state is like a piece of paper, and thus white, not black. Kind of the reverse of what you might expect for an LED computer screen. But HanDBase thinks it's on a phone and makes the screen all black, which is difficult to read on this device. I'd ask if it's possible to have an option to reverse or choose the color set of the background and text. If I could choose the colors I might be able to make it readable. As it is, I can't see some of the menus or options to select them.
All in all, HanDBase is still the best little custom database app and I really appreciate it being available on Android at all. I have nothing but respect for Dave and the effort he has put forth into this product.
From reading other forum posts, I understand Dave hasn't had much time to work on HanDBase (I understand the pressures of work and live), but I'm hoping doing minor updates to support/certify newer Android versions might be feasible at the very least. As others have suggested, I would be open to helping support this effort with a paid subscription, though I suspect that won't help with his time commitments for work.
Thanks for reading. If anyone else has a BOOX Max3, I'd love to hear your experience with it.

Re: E-ink and Android 9 and BOOX support?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:23 pm
by ddhsoftwareadmin
Thanks for posting- very interesting to hear about this device. I must admit its not one I've heard of any other users mentioning before.

I will look into an official dark/light theme to Android in the future, but as you surmised it won't be something I'd be able to implement soon- as soon as I get my Mac 64bit situation under control I plan on working on the warning you saw on it requiring an update for Android. Hope to have something there before the year is up!

Re: E-ink and Android 9 and BOOX support?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:14 pm
by docfruitbat
Greetings, Dave,
Yes, it certainly is an interesting device. Onyx has a line of BOOX devices. They are hit-or-mis depending on what you are looking for, feature wise. Mostly, the problem with the BOOX line is that they are based on older versions of Android and haven't really been updating them (which people have complained about), leaving some people stranded with no way to get updates or other apps from the Google Play store because of this. Recently Onyx said they are working to updated their older devices, which I hope they continue to do. The latest device, the Max3, seemed exactly like what I have been looking for, having drawing and note taking abilites on all document types it supports, in a larger screen size. As I get older, I find my vision gets worse, so having a larger display helps with that. But, also, using Android 9 I hoped it would have better app support. Sadly, I find many apps aren't fully compatible with it, either because it's Android 9 or because it's only 16-grey scale "color". For those critical apps I use, I am reaching out to the developers in hopes of getting support or mitigation. I do understand how challenging it is to keep up with the demands of Android, which seems to change at break-neck speed. :)
Again, I greatly appreciate HanDBase. Anything you can do to help make it work even better on E-ink devices is also greatly appreciated. Also, I am willing to be a test-bed for anything you would like to try out.
Thanks again!

Re: E-ink and Android 9 and BOOX support?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:45 pm
by docfruitbat
Greetings, Dave,
First: Happy New Year!
So, now that the new year has started, and thoughts on if HanDBase might have support for Android 9 and maybe the Onyx BOOX Max3? I know you are busy, so this is just a "ping" to see if this might be on the horizon at all.
Thanks again for HanDBase. Still the best db package out there!