Date + Link / Linked or Relationship fields

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Date + Link / Linked or Relationship fields

Postby Chat-Mauve » Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:35 am

Tips and tricks tested on HanDBase for iPhone

HanDBase transfer fields from one base to other as text :
For example, date 12/10/2005 in Base1 comes as text 12/10/05 in Base2. In a calculation, HanDBase use 12 (first numeric digits in chain).

To solve that, we must convert Date type to Text type in source base :
For example, age calculation :
Source base :
BirthDate Date 12/10/05
#BirthDate Calculation <BirthDate> * 1 Result format as an integer value
Target base :
Date Date
Age Calculation (<Date> - <#BirthDate>) / 375.25 Result format as integer or float
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Re: Date + Link / Linked or Relationship fields

Postby dhaupert » Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:23 pm

Thanks for posting- I believe you have a typo, as it should be 365.25 for the age calculation!

In addition, you don't need to convert the date to an integer value. HanDBase can treat a date field directly in a calculation without the conversion.
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