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Access to HanDBase

Postby cmollenhauer » Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:11 pm

hey, so, I bought and downloaded HanDBase on my PC and then my iphone. I imported the access database (3 tables, of Customers, Sales, Actions) and they all had a relationship in access... now I want to import the relationships from access into HanDBase, so I can quickly view for each customer the sales and the actions done with each customer.

So, I try to link them. I don't get them to link. I try to import Customers with the link built. I export customers with the new link fields to Sales, and Actions. I attach this link fields to Sales and Actions. I try to import Sales and actions. No luck.

Tell me, what am I missing???? How do I get the three tables to be linked/related so I can look up a customer, see the sales, see the actions?

Thank you! -Charlie
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Re: Access to HanDBase

Postby dhaupert » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:08 pm


Thanks for your posting and question. The way Relationships are defined in Access and HanDBase are done quite differently. In Access, you define them within a special relationships section, whereas in HanDBase, there are numerous field types to create the relationships. There are numerous articles on our site that explain the difference and logistics of the various relational field types.

I'll provide those links below, but would fast forward to the part that applies to you- typically when coming from Access, your relationships are already set up with a unique identifier of some sort that defines the relationship values, so that means you should probably be using our relationship field type. With this field type, you point to the two 'like' values in each of the two tables you're wanting to relate, and then choose a field from the other table to display (optionally). Then the relationship is defined. From there, when you open a record in the database where you defined the relationship, you can tap the relationship field you created and be shown the related items in the other table.

So in your example, Customers, Sales, and Actions, I'm assuming that Customers is a top level database, and perhaps Sales and Actions both stem out from there. If that's correct, you'd add a relationship field type to Customers. Let's call it 'Sales' and then point to the related values in each of those two tables (Customers and Sales). You can set the 'Show value' to 'no field' to hide it from viewing any value from that related sales table or you can have it show something of interest from either the first or last matching record in that related table (eg, sometimes you may show the newest order date there, or something to that effect!).

Now when you open Customers, and then a record, you'll find a button that takes you to the related records in the sales table.

Assuming that all works, you can repeat this for the Actions table relationship as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. Here are the articles I mentioned above: ... d=221&UID= ... d=230&UID= ... d=195&UID= ... d=259&UID=

FYI, I got to these by going to the support page and then typing relationship in the Keyword search link.
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