Data exchange plugin for Access

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Data exchange plugin for Access

Postby chuxtable » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:34 pm

I have just purchased the Data Exchange for Access plugin via your website. I already HanDBase desktop installed, with the capacity for ODBC transfer. The instructions say that during the setup, I will get asked if I want to integrate the data exchange plugin into my HanDBase desktop, however this dod not happen. When I open HanDBase desktop, I don't have the option to import from an Access database, which I think I should have after installing this plugin. I was wondering whether I have to re-install HanDBase desktop along with the data exchange for Access plugin. Conversely, can you have the option of importing either ODBC or Access into the same version of desktop?
Can anyone help please?
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Re: Data exchange plugin for Access

Postby dhaupert » Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:50 am

Hi Charles,

The part during the installation where it asks you to create the shortcuts places those under the File menu. If you open HanDBase Desktop and select the File menu you should see the options you chose to integrate (eg, Import database from Access, etc). These are really just simple shortcuts to what is already in the Start Menu so you should still be able to click Start|programs|HanDBase|Data Exchange|..

to start the conversion process.

One important note is that I'm not sure why you purchased the HanDBase Data Exchange for Access tool when you already had the equivalent in your Enterprise package! The Enterprise version can convert and even sync to/from Access, whereas you just bought the data convertor tool for Access. If you'd like a refund on this most recent purchase, please email and we'll get your account credited!
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Re: Data exchange plugin for Access

Postby chuxtable » Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:30 am

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your help. You advised that I should already be able to sync to and from an Access database with my enterprise version of hnadBase desktop. I can't figure out how to do this, which makes me wonder if I have the correct version?
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Re: Data exchange plugin for Access

Postby curtterp » Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:47 am

Enterprise not only allows you to sync with Access databases, but you can sync with any ODBC compliant database.

When you are in sync settings,
  • look at the bottom right hand corner, you will a checkbox for "Syncronize with Access/ODBC databases". Put a check in the box
  • Click on the settings button that just came active
  • Top entry - Pick the HanDBase database you want to sync with
  • Middle of the popup box - Select "Merge with an Access database"
  • Just below that, using the browse button, find the Access database you want to sync with.
  • Next item below, pick the Access Table you want to sync with.
  • Next item down, you can filter what to sync
  • Next item down, you can merge(sync) all columns, or just selected columns. If you pick selected columns, the button next to that will open a box to pick and map out the colums
  • Options button on the bottom right corner - if you have a password protecting the Access database, you can use the options to put the user id and password in there.
  • Say Ok to the popups to get back to the sync screen and you should be good to go

To make life a little easier, you can use the "Database Exchange for ODBC" which is located here (if you have done a default installation. If you changed the destination folder when you installed HanDBase desktop, go to the tools folder of your installation.)
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\HanDBase 4\Tools

When you state Database exchange, you will get two choices,
  • Convert HanDBase to an ODBC Data Source
  • Convert an ODBC datasource to HanDBase

When you click on either one, then a simular screen to the one above, to convert to/from HanDBase. Handy tool.

Suggest workflow to bring an Access database to HanDBase.
  • Use Database Exchange to convert the Access Table(s) to HanDBase
  • Install the HanDBase databases to your device (using HanDBase Desktop)
  • Setup Sync Exchange to sync between Access and your HanDBase device

Remember to have backup copy of your Access database just in case something goes wrong during the conversion process (Murphy's Law)

Have a good day

ps - One final thought. In the HanDBase desktop, under the file menu, you should see import/export to ODBC selections. These bring up similar screens as the Database Exchange, but it will ask you for HanDBase database information before you see the screens as described above.
Have a good day

I am not a DDHSoftware employee, just a long time HanDBase user.... from Palm to Windows Mobile to Android, to iOS. Thanks to DDH, the database files transferred to each platform without a problem.
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