Will the desktop version run under Windows 8?

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Will the desktop version run under Windows 8?

Postby Avi » Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:34 am

My latest idea of how to get portable Handbase with support for non-European languages is the Acer Iconia W3, which runs full Windows 8 and has an 8" screen - still too big for my pocket, but not too big for my shoulder bag. A disadvantage is that it doesn't support cellular data, and in our area wifi access is far from ubiquitous.

I would be more enthusiastic if there was such a device with a 5" or 6" screen, since I would really like it to be pocketable. This would replace my venerable HTC Advantage, which I carry exclusively for Handbase, along with a Dell Streak for everything else. Think I like 5" screens?

So will Handbase run on it?

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Re: Will the desktop version run under Windows 8?

Postby dhaupert » Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:50 am

Hi Avi,

Indeed the desktop runs fine on Windows 8- I use Windows 8 on my development machine and the desktop runs great there!

Regarding small Windows 8 PCs, I believe the Acer is the smallest available. It's weird because for Windows 7 and earlier there were plenty of smaller options (in the 5 inch range). Here's a link to a site which sells a few:
http://www.tabletstoreuk.com/all-window ... ?limit=all

As an aside, I actually own an OQO 5" PC- it's a Windows Vista computer with the most awesome slide out keyboard ever made and a pen based touch screen I barely used because the trackpad was so good. I had so much hopes for the potential of that device but the fact is it was super slow and had the loudest fan noise. I found it to be a great device to respond to email and such but not for development- it was far too slow. It still works though the company is long gone and the batteries no longer charge.

I think what the Acer has going for it is that it doesn't have a hard drive like these old devices had, but interestingly it's the same type of processor (Atom) that I had back in 2006 on that device, so it may be pretty slow for you. Certainly it's a lot cheaper at under 400 US Dollars - I paid nearly 2000.00 for mine at the time. Ah to be back in that era of prosperity again... ;)
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