importing into HanDbase for MAC

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importing into HanDbase for MAC

Postby philippe » Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:52 pm


After developing my DB structures on an iPad (several DB, some linked and relation ship fields etc) I am trying to import my data into it, via the Mac desktop.

I have several questions

-1- When I import a flat file of clients into an empty DB on the desktop, with all fields in the same order and with identical names in both the DB and the excel file, only every other field imports, in the following pattern:
field 2 in Excel imports into field 1 in DB
field 4 in Excel imports into field 2 in DB
Field 1/ 3 / 5 in Excel disappear in to the ether.... Looks like some sort of field delimiter issue, I have tried using a CSV Excel created file and a tab delimited excel created file, with exactly the same results. Any idea?

-2- I have also a lesson file in excel, that should import into a lesson DB (which has a linked field to the client DB above) (the client names is the linked field...) Is the link supposed to work in the Mac Desktop app, or only once I import it onto my iPhone ? Right now

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Re: importing into HanDbase for MAC

Postby Brian_Houghton » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:31 am

Hello Philippe,

Thanks for posting.

There could be a couple of things going on in regards to your import issue. First, it could indeed be a delimiter issue. However, since you have tried both CSV and tab-delimited, I suspect that something else is going on. You note that you are using a combination of link fields and relationship fields. I tend to usually work with relationship fields, especially when CSV import is going to be any sort of a possibility, because the link fields do not successfully import plain text data.

My initial suggestion is to switch to relationship fields only, if possible, and then try the import of the CSV file.

If the import still fails by skipping values, please try the method below to see if it works any better.

Next, in regards to the relationships, they won't work using the native HanDBase Desktop for Mac. If you purchased a copy of HanDBase Plus for iOS/Mac, there is a special copy of HanDBase Desktop for Windows in your account. It is bundled with a library that makes it run on a Mac. You should be able to use it to work with your relationships.


The easiest way to import a CSV file from your computer to a HanDBase database on your handheld device is to use the steps listed below:

1. Connect your handheld device to your wifi network (has to be the same one your computer uses)
2. Open HanDBase on the handheld device
3. Tap the Connect icon (on the database selection screen)
4. Open a web browser on the computer
5. Enter the IP address that is shown on the handheld device's screen (
6. Let the Desktop Connect page appear
7. In the upper right corner of the Desktop Connect page, select the option to choose a file to upload
8. Select your CSV file
9. In the second field, supply a name including the .pdb extension
a. If you supply the name of a database that already exists, the records in the CSV file will merge with those in the database that exists (this assumes data is in like field types)
b. If you supply the name of a database that doesn't already exist, the records will be added to a new database, with the first row defining field names and all field types becoming text in type (you can change this later via Database Properties - Fields)

Hope this helps with converting/importing a CSV file into a HanDBase format database.

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Brian Houghton, DDH Software
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