How do you use the demo version?

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How do you use the demo version?

Postby » Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:12 pm

HDB is not getting off to a good start.

Downloaded the trial. Installed. Fired it up.

Got a window that gave me the option of selecting a user or browsing for a previous HDB file.

How to I start creating a new file? Every other Mac App has a File -> New I'm missing something fundamental here.

So I go to Help

It tells me the help file isn't present to go online to get the latest file.

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Re: How do you use the demo version?

Postby dhaupert » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:17 am


HanDBase for Mac is not a full featured version of HanDBase. It's only a companion to allow backing up and basic edits to databases on your device. All design is done on the actual iPad (or iPhone or Android, etc). This is certainly a feature that users have asked for and I hope to expand the desktop to be more than just a companion tool as it is right now. The Windows version which has been around since 2000 has grown to support full design and editing and I hope to someday get the Mac version on par with it. As a full time Mac user for the last 5 years, believe me it's something I have wished for! It's just hard when there is only one developer to work on all products- we have to focus most of our resources on the core competency of the company which is mobile database applications.

One thing that I have done to help Mac users is when they purchase the Mac HanDBase packages they are able to also download a special version of the Windows desktop that can run on Macs. It is a bit out of place since it looks like a windows app, not a mac app, but it does have all of the design features there. Something to keep in mind- there is not a trial of it, but you can download Wine for your mac and run our Windows trial version if you'd really like to see how it works!

But long term, I think you'll find the iPad is the better tool to design your database and forms with- we have spent a lot of time making it optimal. Hope you like it!
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Re: How do you use the demo version?

Postby » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:53 am

I was hoping that HDB would be a cross platform solution. Right now I use excel as my 'database' engine on the mac, but for a lot of things it's getting unwieldy.

Example: Right now if I get a phone or email order for trees, I open up BlankSalesForm.xls, enter the customer's information then on the item lines I will type in

ApNorkent BR and the quantity and possibly a discount in the code, count, and discount column, and the spreadsheet does a batch of vlookups to fill in a lot of the rest of the info.

Line Code Price/Unit Size $/Tree Count Discount Extension
1 ApNorkent BR Apple, Norkent Apple (Malus Domestica 'Norkent') -- Bare Root $35.00 / Each $35.00 2 20.00% $56.00

Now the file it does the lookups on is a separate spread sheet. It gets updated frequently.

I need to be able to create orders at my desk, as well as in the field. I want to use ONE program to do entries in both places. I want ONE database of all my orders for the year.

I don't want to flip back and forth between mac and windows environments.

Too bad. If it had been the right solution, I would have bought the Mac desktop, the ipad and the iphone versions.
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