Moving data to a new database

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Moving data to a new database

Postby grputnam » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:42 pm

I hope others are getting a benefit from my questions. I have now created a new database for my patient information. It is a link database rather than a relational database, but I have the same number of fields being used and in the same order as the old database. I want to move the old data to the new database. I tried to “Copy Records to” and it did not work. The error message was “Field Types of Database do not match that of this database.” Does that mean the type of field, like relational or linked? If that is so then I will not be able to move the information to a new database. Also the old data base has relationships to another database.

Can I export it to an excel file and then import it to the new database?
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Re: Moving data to a new database

Postby dhaupert » Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:22 pm

The field types have to be the same for the data to be copied or moved. In the case of using CSV or Excel the same is true. The link uses a completely different type of internal data than you're likely using in a relationship field, which instead points to other fields for it's related IDs. So if you are switching from one field type for relating data to another, you will have to reestablish the links between each patient and the other database. Here's how I'd recommend doing this:

Sync your data to the desktop.

On the desktop, make a copy of the file.
Open the copied file in the HanDBase Desktop (PC, if memory serves, right?)
Select Configure, DB Properties and go to General
Change the name however you see fit.
Go to the fields section and change the relationship field to a link field.
Save your way out of the db properties section and then select file save.
Repeat above steps for the other database, choosing Linked for the field type and filling in associated values
Finish setting up the first database pointing to the Linked field you created above.

Now you can set up the relationship of the child records to the parent ones.
To do this, open the linked database. Make sure it's showing all records by disabling all filters
Open the first record and choose Edit
Tap the Linked field and then you will see a list of records from the parent record.
Choose the record that patient belongs to. It will prompt you to reassign the link relationship, choose yes.
Save the record and go to the second on in the list, rinse and repeat for all records in the database.

Hope this helps!
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