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Suggestions for forum catagories

Postby Avi » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:24 pm

Hi Dave et al,

Congratulations on the new forums!

I have some suggestions for forum catagories that might prove useful:

1)Create a catagory for posting and checking the status of bugs. This will allow users to see if others have already reported their bug, see what it's status is (i.e. reported, confirmed, in progress, fixed in version X.X), and save a lot of multiple reporting. It might be useful to have a separate catagory like this for each platform, but then how would you catagorize issues involving multiple platforms, the conduit, etc.,? If you feeel this is not feasable, at least standardize that people preface their post title with the lable "[BUG]" so they are easy to find.

2) Frequently in forums it is useful to allow the administrators to make some topics "sticky", that is, permanent and remaining at the top of the topic listing regardless of user sorting preferences. This can help with topics deserving of archival attention, or widespread interest.

3) Incorporate an archive of all the material from the Yahoo group. There is a wealth of useful information, intrigueing ideas, solutions to problems, and to let all that languish in a read-only "cloud" doesn't do justice to all the efforts invested by both the subscribers and DDH staff.

4)Incorporate an archive of the DDH Software knowledge base, even though portions of it are out-dated. This helps users looking for solutions by providing a "one-stop shopping" experience, instead of having to search in disparate places (here, DDH software, Yahoo groups, etc.)
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Re: Suggestions for forum catagories

Postby dhaupert » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:33 pm

Hi Avi,

Thanks for the encouragement and great suggestions. I think there is something to be said for a single search that finds results in all three places. I am still not sure about the Yahoo groups, as I was unable to find anyone with a solution for importing emails into a forum here. But at least between the Knowledge Base and here, we should be able to develop a single search page to search both.

In regards to Sticky threads, we're definitely aware of these, and do plan on implementing when needed.

In regards to bug tracking, I am thinking out loud here, but what about the following. We create a sticky thread for bugs within each platforms section. The top post will be our master list of confirmed bugs, and customers can post questions about those bugs, or report new ones within the thread. When we confirm a bug, we'll add it to the top. Does this sound like a good solution? I think the main problem is that the thread will grow large over time, and we may want to prune the topic so it's archived and no longer sticky or something.

What do you all think about that idea? From our standpoint it will create more work- we actually keep a database of confirmed bugs which has details like files and customer emails that are not to be shared with the rest of the world. Our release notes are actually a HanDBase export of this data, and my plan ultimately was to automate this process on the web so it was a live copy of our database with views only showing the information fit for public consumption. The problem has always been about time and resources- we have never had them to work on this project at the expense of everything else!
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Archiving Yahoo Group Messages

Postby lindau » Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:31 pm

First of all, I know nothing about how to do this! ... 0&t=819725

Or search Google for "import yahoo group to phpbb"
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Re: Archiving Yahoo Group Messages

Postby dhaupert » Fri Jun 05, 2009 10:41 am

lindau wrote:First of all, I know nothing about how to do this! ... 0&t=819725

Or search Google for "import yahoo group to phpbb"


Thanks for posting those. Believe me, I have already read that and searched that way- it's precisely the way we searched for a solution for converting and like the thread above, there are people who have tried it, but just like the thread, no one has a final solution. They've figured out how to get the emails into a CSV file and import to a database, but not add to the PHPBB3 database. So we'll continue to search and check into a solution. I know we could write some custom web code to intelligently import the CSV file into the PHPBB3 file somehow, but that's where I said I think customers would rather us focus on developing the solutions than porting this over to allow for a unified search. Don't get me wrong- Yahoo groups has a wealth of good information, but quite frankly much of it is dated at this point- people searching it for current bugs or questions would be potentially confused by answers posted in 2002 based on a 2.x product which had no forms, encryption, views, relationships, etc!
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