HOw to Set Up Record Navigation in a Form ??

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HOw to Set Up Record Navigation in a Form ??

Postby Shepherd Jim » Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:35 am

Hello All!

I have a database listing the plants in my Cacti collection. Each plant has a unique ID number field "PlantNo."

I'm designing a form on my Palm Centro which will display the data of a single plant. I've figured out how to create a buttons and assign actions which move to the "next" or "previous" plants records -- and to the "first" and "last" records. That all's working wonderfully!

But, how can I create the next level of nav sophistication? I want to be able to "jump to" a specific plant -- preferably there would be maybe a dropdown listing ALL the PLantNo's and I could click on the one I wanted to view next in the form. Maybe there could be a long window down the entire side of the form showing all the PLantNo's, there'd have to be a vertical slider so you could quickly move to the record you wanted and then click on it.

I have a feeling the above is a two pronged question:

Prong 1: What are my best options to accomplish what I'm after using the current abilities of HDB Forms?

Prong 2: Can we add some sort of "NavBar" to HDB Form's list of "controls"? ...I know I saw a similar "suggestion" for a clickable "Alpha Search (e.g. "A B C D E F G ...") in a thread in the IPhone section of the forum ..and, of course, there are not yet even any Forms at all for the Apple vers of HDB.

I'm still having fun after all these year!! :D :shock: Jim
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Re: HOw to Set Up Record Navigation in a Form ??

Postby dhaupert » Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:58 pm

Hi Jim,

Indeed you may have read similar postings about this. Right now, a form is designed around a single record. I've long considered the ability to create a replacement for the list view screen via the forms designer, but as of now this is not something available or frankly, even in development.

So to answer your question, the best way to get a list of plants to jump to is to return to the list view screen which offers just such a thing ;)

Hope this helps!
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Re: HOw to Set Up Record Navigation in a Form ??

Postby DTsEMT » Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:55 am

I, too, have been wondering how I might do this.

This sort of navigation might work if there were a form button which acted in the same manner as a filter.

I currently am trying to set up a crosslink of IV drug compatibilities - drug A vs. drug B, C, D, E, F... Z, and whether the pair can coexist in an IV line. Unfortunately, this must be repeated as a separate record for each pairing. Then the whole shebang begins again, drug B vs. drug A, C, D, E, F... Z. And so on. The anticipated end would be a form where I could use a pop-up to pick drug A, a second popup to select drug B, and a display field to show the compatibility when the two were filtered together to find the correct record.

There may be a better way to do this, and I'm still looking, but in the meantime an interactive filter button in the forms would be just the thing.

I realize that the Palm OS is a dodo, but there still may be a sufficient number of Palm hangers-on to make this a desirable weekend project (as if there weren't enough projects for you guys!)

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Re: HOw to Set Up Record Navigation in a Form ??

Postby dhaupert » Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:07 am

Hi there,

Unfortunately this type of thing would take _many_ weekends. It's the reason it didn't make the cut in v4.0, when I started doing the coding research and realizing it was going to be a lot of time to implement on each platform. Still not out of the question, but definitely a v5.0 type of thing!

As for your application, interactions of several records, that's a tricky one! I don't see how you can really do that without having a record for each combination, which would get really large, really fast.
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