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Sync with IPAD

Postby vdl » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:49 am

Good morning.
I bought HandBase 4.9.063 for iPad and installed it.
I downloaded and running Handbase 4.7.5. Desktop demo

I want to sync between :
a table in access 2007 .mdb database
a desktop file .pdb placed in a folder in my PC (not with its copy into conduit folder C:\Users\myuser\Documents\HanDBase\iPADname)
a iPAD file .pdb placed into iPAD

I flagged Syncronize With Access/ODBC database and mapped fields, but record modified in Access aren't sync.

Please, what is wrong ?
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Re: Sync with IPAD

Postby Brian_Houghton » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:25 am


Thanks for writing.

First, you mention having the demo of HanDBase Desktop installed, but reference features found in the Professional package, which is what is needed in order to sync with Access. Before going further, please double check that you do indeed have HanDBase Professional installed on your computer. To do this, go to the Help / About menu in HanDBase Desktop. On the dialog that appears look at the section labeled Installed Packages. You should see HanDBase Professional...

After doing that, double check to make sure your sync is indeed working properly. On your iPad, add a record to the database in question. On the computer, open HanDBase Desktop and open the database in question from the DB Browser dialog shown on the left. Add a record, save and choose to install.

Sync HanDBase on the iPad with HanDBase on the computer. After doing so, verify that the databases in both locations reflect the newly added records.

Assuming they do, go through the following steps to set up the sync exchange entry with Access:

1. Open HanDBase Desktop
2. Select the menu option Configure / iPhone Users
3. When the sync dialog appears click the iPad partnership
4. Click the option to edit sync settings
5. In the next dialog, click the database in the column at the left
6. Uncheck the option to use the default settings
7. Check the option to use Access syncing
8. Click the button to configure Access syncing
9. Next, configure by:

- selecting the Access dabase
- select the Access table (make certain to not select a query or form)
- map fields, making sure types and names match

Save your changes and sync again.

Add a record on your iPad and then sync again. After doing so check the Access database / table to see if the new record is there.

If it isn't, please let me know and send a copy of HanDBase's sync log to me at support @ ddhsoftware . com (minus spaces). Be sure to reference this post if you need to send the log.

Regarding posting a copy of the database on the desktop, you can do this, but you would need to manually open the database using the File / Open menu each time, whereas if you leave it in the default location you will be able to open it via the DB Browser once opening HanDBase Desktop.
Kind Regards,
Brian Houghton, DDH Software
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